Fundraising expeditions or world record-breaking attempts?  Brilliant. We work closely with expedition organisers to tailor our therapy support to the expedition’s needs and budget. We will recruit staff who understand the needs of longer expeditions and who can fit in to the wider expedition team; you need a can-do approach on the team and our therapists love to get stuck in. They don’t mind carrying luggage and making cups of tea as well as assessing injuries and keeping your expedition on track. 

Whether you need a therapist or therapy team to join the whole expedition, or to simply meet the team in specific locations, we’ll create a completely tailored support solution to help you meet your goals.


Case Studies

Le Loop (The William Wates Trust)

  • 3-week cycling event which follows the same route as Tour de France every year
  • 4 Physiotherapists and 4 Sports Massage Therapists recruited
  • 1st team of 4 work 10-12 days
  • 2nd team of 4 work the rest of the event
  • Therapists work and travel with the event team and are involved in event work as well as providing therapeutic support

The Home Expedition

  • 5-month running event; 4 runners running the Silk Route
  • One Physiotherapist recruited to support the running team for full 5 months; he travelled and worked with the team for the whole journey

London to Amsterdam Cycle

  • 2-day fundraising cycle
  • 2 Sports Therapists recruited
  • Both therapists travelled with the team and stopped at feed stations on the route to look after the riders throughout the 2 days of the event